Ziyara Shriners Divan


Jim Nagy

Noble James M. Nagy – born in Cortland, NY on April 13, 1964 to Joseph J. and Kathleen W. Nagy, growing up in Deerfield, New York outside Utica, NY.

Chief Rabban

Ross V. Stoltz

Noble Ross V. Stoltz, born in Rome in 1982, the son of Jack and Ellen Stoltz. He was educated in Camden Central Schools, graduating in 2000. In 2004, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY.

Assistant Rabban

Michael R. Wolzmuth

Noble Michael R. Wolzmuth – born in Rome April 28, 1968 to James R. and Carole Wolzmuth, Grew up in North Bay and Camden New York. Educated Camden Central Schools, graduating in 1986. Earned an Associates Degree at Mohawk Valley Community College in Criminal Justice 1989.

High Priest and Prophet

John P. Smith

Noble John P. Smith – born in Utica, N.Y. on December 17, 1987 to Gary and Josephine Smith, growing up in Westmoreland, N.Y..

Oriental Guide

Robert J Verdon II

Noble Robert J. Verdon II – born in Utica, NY January 27, 1991 to Robert and Linda Verdon grew up in Deerfield, NY before moving to Waterville, NY in his early teens.



Michael P. Kelly


Mark Alvarado


Harry Dapre Jr.

Coming Soon

2nd Ceremonial Master

Dan Rena

Noble Dan Rena- born in Utica, NY on March 18, 1988 to Leonard and Linda Rena. Dan was raised and attended public school in Rome. Currently Lives in Whitesboro.

2nd Ceremonial Master

Dave Taylor

Captain of the Guard

Rudy Beaman

Captain of the Guard

Zac Zegarelli

Outer Guard

Richard Sacco

Director Emeritus

William R. Williams Sr.

Noble William R. Williams, Sr. was appointed Director of Ziyara Temple by Potentate John S. Friedel at the recommendation of the Director’s Staff in 1987.g.

Recorder Emeritus

Philip M. Schaeffer

To those Nobles who are not acquainted with Ziyara’s Recorder Emeritus, we present Philip Schaeffer, who was elected on June 15, 1996, to succeed Illustrious Sir William H. Griffith in this important office.