2022 December Stated Meeting and Election

To All Members of ZIYARA TEMPLE:

Notice is hereby given that a Stated Meeting will be held

Saturday, December 17th, 2022 at the Shrine Center beginning at 10:00 am

Dress: 2022 Divan Outfit for Divan
Nobles: Sport Coat or Suit

The purpose of this meeting is to elect officers for the ensuing year and conduct any business which may come before the Temple.

Your attention is called to the mandate of the Imperial Council Bylaws, that in order to gain admission
to this or any other meeting of the Temple during the 2022 year you must show your 2022 dues card.

2022 Ziyara Shriner’s Utica FEZtival of Trees

Located at Sangertown Square Mall

 Saturday November 19, 2022 to Sunday November 27, 2022

(Closed Thanksgiving Day) 


We would like to thank everyone that came out to support Ziyara Shriners.

We couldn’t have done it without all of our great sponsors and volunteers!

Congratulations to 2022 winners in the Ziyara Shriners Sportsman Raffle.

All winners have been contacted and informed that they have won.

Listed below is Prize number out of the 20 prizes awarded and ticket number.

Congratulations again and look forward to next years’ raffle and the 2023 drawing event.

Prize #                 WINNER                                           Ticket #

1                             Tom Blackstone ****

2                             John Murray                                    1697

3                             Tina Tellier                                       1171

4                             Edgar Schloop                              1459

5                             Adam Albrecht                             0050

6                             Joe Gokey                                        1380

7                             William Dillenbeck                     1643

8                             Casey Twiss                                    0136

9                             Ryan Smith                                    3036

10                          Maryanne Nagy                              1205

11                          Jim Reilly                                           3045

12                          Barb Ceslewitz                                1302

13                           Gina Williams                                0261

14                          Bob Kellogg                                      2191

15                          Gary Farquhar                                1302

16                          Bevan Jones                                     3025

17                          Art Pierce                                          1818

18                          Ed Knamm                                        3041

19                          Craig Annis                                       2508

20                           Nicole Podkowka                         3029

See the July-August 2022 Bugle!

Ziyara Shriners 2022 Parades

May 30th — Memorial Day @ Whitesboro, NewYork Mills and New Hartford
June 11th — Violet Festival @ Dolgeville
June 12th — Hall of Fame @ Canastota
July 4th 10am Step Off — July 4th @ Utica
July 30th 10am Step Off — Honor America @ Rome
August 20th –Woodsman @ Boonville

Ziyara Shriners 2022 Potentate Jim Nagy
and Divan

Ziyara Shriners 2022 Stated Meeting Schedule

Thur Jan. 17th 2022 @6:30pm Stated Meeting and Installation
Thur March 31st 2022 @6:30pm Stated Meeting
Thur June 16th 2022 @6:30pm Stated Meeting
Sat Sep. 17th 2022 @12:00pm Stated Meeting and Ceremonial
Sat Dec. 17th 2022 @10am Stated Meeting and Election

Shriners International’s 150th Anniversary