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Vidalia Onion Sale
How sweet they are They only make you cry… When they are gone….

10 lb. Bag Only $11.00
Hand Harvested Hand Selected Sweet Sweet

The authentic Vidalia Onion grows only in a small area around Vidalia, Georgia and can’t be reproduced in other areas. The secret of its sweetness lies in the unique combination of minerals in the soil around Vidalia, Georgia. All efforts to grow Vidalia Onions elsewhere have failed. By special act of the Georgia Legislature, only onions grown in this small area of southeast Georgia can bear the “Vidalia” name.

Sweet Vidalia Onions are so succulent… so sweet and mild that they can be eaten like apples, with no tears. They’re always delicious whether eaten sliced on a hamburger, chopped in a salad, or cooked with a roast.
You can even make an onion pie with them.

PICK UP LATE APRIL OR EARLY MAY – You will be called when the onions are ready for pick up. SHRINE CENTER, 8209 HALSEY ROAD – EXACT DATES ANNOUNCED LATER