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All Shriners are Freemasons but not all Freemasons are Shriners. You must be a Master Mason in good standing to become a Shriner. Click on the links below based on where you are in your journey

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Or contact 
Dan Rena- Membership Chairman 315-235-8772

Membership Gatherings:

Becoming a Shriner may just be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. To find out more about our great organization we welcome you to one of our many membership gatherings that happen throughout the year. These events are a great time for brothers to gather, have fun, and share information about the membership process. 

Membership GatheringDate/ Time
Bowling night at Vista LanesTBD
Pint Night at Woodland Brewing co. TBD
Tailgating at Shrine CenterTBD
Happy Gilmore Golf Outing at Hidden ValleyTBD


To become a Shriner a Master Mason must go through a ceremonial to be made into a Noble. Ceremonials may be subject to changes and prior notice will be given if a change occurs. 

Summer- TBD

Fall- TBD

Want more info? Visit the site below for all of your questions or reach out to the membership chairman:
Dan Rena- 315-235-8772

Nobles Section

Just One!

Every Ziyara Noble is Challenged to Bring in JUST ONE New, Quality Man, Into Our Fraternity

Together We Can — Together We Have To!

Membership Committee 

The Nobles of Ziyara Shrine are committed to recruiting, and retaining men of great quality to the ranks of Ziyara’s Nobility. The Ziyara Shrine Membership Committee mission is to assist the Nobility and Ladies with any and all aspects of Recruitment, Relationships, Retention, and Restoration.

Membership committee
Chairman- Dan Rena
Ph: 315-235-8772 E-mail:
Recruitment Lead- Richard Rebisz
Ph: 315-269-9904
Retention Lead- Mike Kelly
Ph: 315-838-8165
Retention Assistant- Wayne Towne 
Ph: 315-335-6055
Restoration Lead- Steve Armstrong 
Ph: 315-225-6975
Restoration Assistant- Rob Verdon
Ph: 315-310-5152

Membership incentive program (New)

Ziyara Shriners is offering a new membership incentive program! Any Nobel who top line signs 4 new Shriners for 2020 will receive a year of free dues in 2021!

Membership Ambassador program (New)

A membership ambassador is a brother who regularly attends blue lodge meetings and serves as a representative for the shrine at their home lodge meeting. The ambassador’s role in lodge is to promote shrine events and recruit new members. Lodge ambassadors are encouraged to share shrine communications under the new business section in blue lodge. Membership ambassadors will be updated about communications for lodges regularly through email and Facebook. 

Membership ambassadors tool kit:

  1. The elevator speech
  2. Ziyara Shrine petition
  3. Potenate pins (picked up at shrine center)
  4. New business communications 


Membership Communications and Upcoming Events
Coming Soon

Membership survey: your membership is important to your shrine and our mission please take the following survey so we can gauge feedback on areas we can improve. Click to take survey

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